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Ranging from bleaching trays to mouth guards, we can provide you with additional laboratory services outside the scope of traditional orthodontics.
Once your patient has received perfect teeth, we can make essix retainers, or invisible retainers to maintain their great smiles.
One step further we can make bleaching trays or a mouth guard to prevent and/or reduce injury and damage during sports activities.

Our bleaching kits come in several strengths.
The mouth guards come in a large range of colors and types.
Some can be made to reflect their team logo and we also have special pricing for when your office does a mouth guard clinic.
Mouth guards can be made to have your office name and phone number in them as well!


Snoring Devices
Bleaching Trays
Invisible Retainers
Mouth Guards
Play Safe
Proform Mouth Guards
Impak Golf Performance Mouth Guard
Impak Sport Performance Mouth Guard
Impak Yoga Guard

Bleaching Trays
Either as a great compliment to the successful completion of orthodontic treatment or on its own, we can provide you with custom made bleaching trays and the bleaching system as well.
Available in 16% and 22%.

Invisible Retainers
When esthetics are a concern, we can fabricate a series of essix trays with a few millimeters of tooth movement at a time to discretely move the teeth.
Generally, 5 trays over 5 months are sufficient to correct minor crowding.

For some its preventative maintenance, for others it can be used to effectively control the bacteria lurking in your periodontal pockets.
These bacteria can lead to systemic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, blood clots and strokes, pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and preterm and low birth weight in babies.
Our custom-made trays come with a sample (upon request) of hydrogen peroxide gel.

Mouth Guards
Custom made mouth guards are an inexpensive, non-invasive way to protect your smile.
These types of mouth guards are worm by the pros; they fit tighter, are more comfortable and last longer.
Orthodent was one of the pioneers in neuromuscular mouth guards for athletes in all levels of sports, including yoga and golf. Allow us to help you boost your patient’s performance.

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